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Send professional email marketing campaigns using our Email Marketing Software, the industry standard for list management and permission based email delivery. Track email opens, click throughs, signups and much much more. Web-based list management has never been easier. There’s nothing to download. Just point your browser at our email list management control panel and start a successful email campaign today.


Autoresponder Features

Our Autoresponder package includes everything in our premier Enterprise Package and has been designed for organizations and individuals who require an easy, reliable, and cost-effective solution to email newsletters and announcements to their subscribers.

We offer three different Email Marketing packages. Read below to learn more about our Autoresponder package details.

Add members through our easy to create Web-forms and personalize sequential/triggered messages easily

You can also grow your list by placing our “subscribe form” on your Web site.

Our Email Marketing Software also makes it easy to personalize your emails with each member’s name or email address in the message’s header and body, for example, Dear John or Dear

Send your messages with confidence

With our Autoresponder package, there are only a few steps involved in creating and sending a triggered/sequential email newsletter or announcement:

Login to your list via our easy-to-use online interface
Compose your triggered/sequential message with templates or plain text/HTML
Optimize your message before sending it to your list by using content validators
Schedule the triggers/sequential messages to send your messages (or schedule it to be sent at a specified date and time)

View detailed reports

After sending messages to your list members, you can view detailed reports that let you quickly analyze how they performed (including deliveries, bounces, and more).

You can also view how your list membership changes over time (including subscriptions, unsubscriptions, and individual member history).

Autoresponder Features Include

  • Unlimited Messages
  • Create text, HTML, or multipart MIME messages
  • Build your own templates with the new HTML template builder
  • Convert and validate content, links
  • Perform basic mail merges
  • Edit HTML messages with new WYSIWYG HTML editor
  • Include attachments
  • Include email or web surveys with survey wizard
  • Offer email and web-based unsubscribe to recipients
  • Handle grievances with automated complaint handling
  • Keep lists clean with automated smart bounce handling
  • Send out email across multiple IP addresses
  • Real-time reaction to connection limitation properties from ISPs
  • Advanced message throttling
  • Support for domain keys
  • At-a-glance stats and trends on most recent mailing
  • Results and trends dashboard
  • Pre-built reports on mailings and list activity
  • Individual member reports
  • Real-time mail queue analysis

Professional Package

Email marketing couldn’t be easier with our Email Marketing Software. Our Professional Email Marketing packages include database storage, audience segmentation tools, clickthrough tracking, detailed reporting, and more!

Target your audience

With audience segmentation tools, mail merge, and conditional content, it’s easy to build precise, one-to-one email messages and personalized email campaigns.

By using our Professional Email Marketing package, you can target your members based on demographics, behavior, or any other information stored in your local database. Our wizards make it easy to do sophisticated targeting, so you don’t need to be a database guru!

Use conditional content to display particular text or graphics that are uniquely relevant to your list members; for example, if you want a special offer to appear for all list members who have clicked a certain link on your Web site, or who live in a particular zip code range.

Optimize your messages for maximum results

Before sending messages to your list, take advantage of several tools in our Professional Email Marketing package that were specifically designed to help you increase your success rates.

Use spam analysis to avoid words, expressions, and formatting likely to trigger spam blockers. Check built-in content converters and validators in order to make sure your messages work correctly for all of your list members. Use random samplings, list merge/purge, and more!

View comprehensive reports

Our Professional Email Marketing package comes with over 100 reports, and you can even create your own with our custom chart builder. View data for list and mailing statistics, demographic analysis, and individual member history.

Detect which recipients have HTML-reading capability, as well as who opened your message in an HTML-capable mail reader. You can also identify which links your recipients click (known as “clickthrough tracking” ), and track them as they move about your Web site (known as “clickstream tracking” ). You’ll even know who is forwarding your emails, and which mailings have the most powerful “viral” effect.

Expand your list effortlessly

It’s easy to add individual or multiple list members via our online interface. You can also grow your list by placing a “subscribe form” on your Web site.

Better yet, you can help your list members invite their friends to your list, and track the results of those invitations — whether they resulted in opens, clickthroughs or new joins.


Enterprise Package

Enterprise Email Marketing package allows advanced email marketers to go beyond clickthrough tracking and learn which mailings really generate the greatest interest, purchases, and profits. Our exclusive Action Tag Technology™ helps to optimize entire e-marketing programs, from email campaigns to Web sites.

Our Enterprise Email Marketing package includes all features in the regular Professional Email Marketing package, and much, much more. Read below to continue learning about this exciting new feature set!

Send the right message at the right time

Triggered mailings enable you to automatically send instant email based on dates, events, list member Web activity, or any other criteria you set.

For example, you could send an automated offer for a service contract to all list members who purchase a certain item:

Sequential mailings allow you to send a series of carefully timed mailings for maximum results. For example, you could send a series of emails about an event — and automatically suspend the series as each list member registers for the event.

Show real ROI

Our exclusive Action Tag Technology™ lets you monitor more than just bounces, deliveries, and opens. You can track prospect interest levels, actual online and offline purchases, referrals, and more!

Learn who your “hot leads” are, which “conversion events” turn browsers into buyers, and how to refine your strategy to drive loyalty and sales.

Track pages on your Web site to learn where your list members go online, and analyze shopping cart abandonment so you can increase the likelihood of your list members completing your purchase process.


Dedicated Email Server Package

The Advantages of a Dedicated Email Server
When you rely on Email Marketing Services for your mass email needs, you can choose to have your own dedicated email server, which you won’t share with any other companies or organizations. The email server will be yours alone, and all the server space will be dedicated to your mailings.

The advantages of using a dedicated email server are significant. You can send your mailings immediately, whenever you want, and never experience slowdowns or wait times because of other users who are assigned to the same server resources. Because of this, you can use our blazing fast servers to send up to 500,000 emails per hour, and up to 70 million emails per month. These totals should more than meet your needs, and ensure that you are never lacking the email server resources necessary to accommodate your mailings. No matter how big your company or project, our dedicated servers will handle them with performance capacity to spare.

Not only that, but when you have your own server, you can store as much data on it as you want. All your mailings, mailing lists, and multimedia can be stored on our safe, secure, backed-up servers. Our data management team will make sure that your server is always online, backed up, and running the latest and most-reliable version of the server’s software.

And best of all, your dedicated server runs no risk of being blacklisted because of other user’s mailings. With your own server and IP address, ISPs and email providers won’t have any reason to think you are using a SPAM mail provider, or sharing email resources with other organizations. As long as you maintain best practices, ISPs and email providers will trust you and your emails, and let your emails past their spam filters and onward to your recipients.

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