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Email marketing couldn’t be easier with our Email Marketing Software. Our Professional Email Marketing Service package include database storage, audience segmentation tools, clickthrough tracking, detailed reporting, and more!

Target your audience

With audience segmentation tools, mail merge, and conditional content, it’s easy to build precise, one-to-one email messages and personalized email campaigns.

By using our Professional Email Marketing package, you can target your members based on demographics, behavior, or any other information stored in your local database. Our wizards make it easy to do sophisticated targeting, so you don’t need to be a database guru!

Use conditional content to display particular text or graphics that are uniquely relevant to your list members; for example, if you want a special offer to appear for all list members who have clicked a certain link on your Web site, or who live in a particular zip code range.

Optimize your messages for maximum results

Before sending messages to your list, take advantage of several tools in our Professional Email Marketing package that were specifically designed to help you increase your success rates.

Use spam analysis to avoid words, expressions, and formatting likely to trigger spam blockers. Check built-in content converters and validators in order to make sure your messages work correctly for all of your list members. Use random samplings, list merge/purge, and more!

View comprehensive reports

Our Professional Email Marketing package comes with over 100 reports, and you can even create your own with our custom chart builder. View data for list and mailing statistics, demographic analysis, and individual member history.

Detect which recipients have HTML-reading capability, as well as who opened your message in an HTML-capable mail reader. You can also identify which links your recipients click (known as “clickthrough tracking” ), and track them as they move about your Web site (known as “clickstream tracking” ). You’ll even know who is forwarding your emails, and which mailings have the most powerful “viral” effect.

Expand your list effortlessly

It’s easy to add individual or multiple list members via our online interface. You can also grow your list by placing a “subscribe form” on your Web site.

Better yet, you can help your list members invite their friends to your list, and track the results of those invitations — whether they resulted in opens, clickthroughs or new joins.

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