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Enterprise Email Marketing

Enterprise Email Marketing package allows advanced email marketers to go beyond clickthrough tracking and learn which mailings really generate the greatest interest, purchases, and profits. Our exclusive Action Tag Technology™ helps to optimize entire e-marketing programs, from email campaigns to Web sites.

Our Enterprise Email Marketing package includes all features in the regular Professional Email Marketing package, and much, much more. Read below to continue learning about this exciting new feature set!

Send the right message at the right time

Triggered mailings enable you to automatically send instant email based on dates, events, list member Web activity, or any other criteria you set.

For example, you could send an automated offer for a service contract to all list members who purchase a certain item:

Sequential mailings allow you to send a series of carefully timed mailings for maximum results. For example, you could send a series of emails about an event — and automatically suspend the series as each list member registers for the event.

Show real ROI

Our exclusive Action Tag Technology™ lets you monitor more than just bounces, deliveries, and opens. You can track prospect interest levels, actual online and offline purchases, referrals, and more!

Learn who your “hot leads” are, which “conversion events” turn browsers into buyers, and how to refine your strategy to drive loyalty and sales.

Track pages on your Web site to learn where your list members go online, and analyze shopping cart abandonment so you can increase the likelihood of your list members completing your purchase process.

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