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Dedicated Email Server

Dedicated Email Server

The Advantages of a Dedicated Email Server.
When you rely on Email Marketing Services for your mass email needs, you can choose to have your own dedicated email server, which you won’t share with any other companies or organizations. The email server will be yours alone, and all the server space will be dedicated to your mailings.

The advantages of using a dedicated email server are significant. You can send your mailings immediately, whenever you want, and never experience slowdowns or wait times because of other users who are assigned to the same server resources. Because of this, you can use our blazing fast servers to send up to 500,000 emails per hour, and up to 70 million emails per month. These totals should more than meet your needs, and ensure that you are never lacking the email server resources necessary to accommodate your mailings. No matter how big your company or project, our dedicated servers will handle them with performance capacity to spare.

Not only that, but when you have your own server, you can store as much data on it as you want. All your mailings, mailing lists, and multimedia can be stored on our safe, secure, backed-up servers. Our data management team will make sure that your server is always online, backed up, and running the latest and most-reliable version of the server’s software.

And best of all, your dedicated server runs no risk of being blacklisted because of other user’s mailings. With your own server and IP address, ISPs and email providers won’t have any reason to think you are using a SPAM mail provider, or sharing email resources with other organizations. As long as you maintain best practices, ISPs and email providers will trust you and your emails, and let your emails past their spam filters and onward to your recipients.

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