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Send automated email messages using our Autoresponder, the industry standard for list management and permission based email delivery. Track email opens, click throughs, signups and much much more. Web-based list management has never been easier. There’s nothing to download. Just point your browser at our email list management control panel and start a successful email campaign today.


Our Autoresponder package includes everything in our premier Enterprise Package and has been designed for organizations and individuals who require an easy, reliable, and cost-effective solution to email newsletters and announcements to their subscribers.

We offer three different Email Marketing packages. Read below to learn more about our Autoresponder package details.

Add members through our easy to create Web-forms and personalize sequential/triggered messages easily

You can also grow your list by placing our “subscribe form” on your Web site.

Our Email Marketing Software also makes it easy to personalize your emails with each member’s name or email address in the message’s header and body, for example, Dear John or Dear

Send your messages with confidence

With our Autoresponder package, there are only a few steps involved in creating and sending a triggered/sequential email newsletter or announcement:

Login to your list via our easy-to-use online interface
Compose your triggered/sequential message with templates or plain text/HTML
Optimize your message before sending it to your list by using content validators
Schedule the triggers/sequential messages to send your messages (or schedule it to be sent at a specified date and time)

View detailed reports

After sending messages to your list members, you can view detailed reports that let you quickly analyze how they performed (including deliveries, bounces, and more).

You can also view how your list membership changes over time (including subscriptions, unsubscriptions, and individual member history).

Autoresponder Features Include

  • Unlimited Messages
  • Create text, HTML, or multipart MIME messages
  • Build your own templates with the new HTML template builder
  • Convert and validate content, links
  • Perform basic mail merges
  • Edit HTML messages with new WYSIWYG HTML editor
  • Include attachments
  • Include email or web surveys with survey wizard
  • Offer email and web-based unsubscribe to recipients
  • Handle grievances with automated complaint handling
  • Keep lists clean with automated smart bounce handling
  • Send out email across multiple IP addresses
  • Real-time reaction to connection limitation properties from ISPs
  • Advanced message throttling
  • Support for domain keys
  • At-a-glance stats and trends on most recent mailing
  • Results and trends dashboard
  • Pre-built reports on mailings and list activity
  • Individual member reports
  • Real-time mail queue analysis
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